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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Pensions and connections

We (the soon-to-be-Clergy Spouse and I) spent the last two days in South Bend at a seminar about clergy financial planning. It was presented by the Church Pension Group, and covered a fair amount of information: tax laws, savings, cash management, retirement planning, etc. Much of what we heard would apply to anyone, but there are some odd quirks for clergy: unusual housing arrangements (rectory vs. housing allowance?), and some special tax regulations that apply. It was good to hear the information, though I’m not sure how much actually I’ll actually remember, with my stuffed up head under the influence of decongestants. Fortunately, the CS is not operating under the same constraints, so hopefully his retention level will be greater. Me, I’m glad to have the 3-ring binder full of details that I can go over later.

The seminar was held at a hotel very close to the cathedral. In fact, we’ll be staying in the same place when we come next week for the diaconating. It’s a nice facility-- comfortable beds, good food (desserts that should be kept under lock and key), pleasant staff, and only two blocks from the church; but I was aggravated to learn that they charge extra for internet access. Even for overnight guests. Not only that, but they make a distinction between the ethernet modem available in the room, and the wifi in the lobby and restaurant area, and charge you separately for the use of each.

The desk clerk asked if I wanted to fill out a comment card. Oh, you betcha.


Blogger Dawgdays said...

I'm looking forward to a similar seminar. Not only am I interested in the clergy-specific stuff, but I'm also wondering about college spending. (No, not college savings. We're past that stage now.)

It seems that the business hotels (Courtyard, Hilton Garden Inn, etc.) typically have free internet. Some of the motels do too. But the classier places tend to charge. They probably figure if you can afford to stay there, you can afford to pay extra. Annoys the heck out of me too. But that separate charge for the room and the lobby wi-fi is a first.

April 09, 2005 6:31 PM  

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