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Monday, January 24, 2005

Partial restoration

Well, the repair guy has come and gone, and the internet has been restored to our household. Huzzah!! Turns out that one of the few snowplows to come down our street managed somehow to snag and snap a cable.

Normally the lack of municipal coverage isn't much of a problem, out here in the township. This time, however, those snow plows were missed, because the weather took an unusual backwards sort of path around the lake and deposited a significant “lake effect” snow out our way-- about 24 inches in 24 hours. Bruce had plowed on Saturday; but between the additional snowfall and the wind whipping things around all night, that was hardly noticable. It took him better than an hour and a half, bless him, to plow out the driveway so that I could make it to St. A’s yesterday morning. Gettting out of the neighborhood was a bit of an adventure, but once I got out onto the main roads, travel was not unduly hazardous.

And as it turns out, I did wake up with enough of a voice (barely) to preach that children’s sermon, after a fashion. It went well enough-- at least, the kids seemed to enjoy it; and gauging from a few amused comments, the grownups didn’t seem to mind the husky tones too much.

Of course, that was the limit to my speaking role. I didn't even try to sing-- frustrating, as that's such an integral part of worship for me. Today the voice is still very, very iffy-- in and out, off and on-- but overall it seems to be a work in progress.


Blogger Dawgdays said...

I saw that lake effect plume on the doppler radar. My first thought was, "Oh my, Jane's getting dumped on."

So after your report, and the report from Nantucket, I think I'll stop complaining about the foot of snow we got up here. At least we had plows.

January 24, 2005 3:22 PM  

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