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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Fiction, and fishin'

Kyle's school hosted a book fair this evening, so we went over to browse. The boy has historically been a reluctant reader, so we've worked a bit at encouraging the interest (...habit... addiction... call it what you will). It's beginning to pay off; he was genuinely excited about the books he got for Christmas, and today he was eager to go over to the fair to see what they had. (these fairs also substantially discount the books from market retail-- makes being The Good Mom a bit easier on the pocketbook).

He ended up picking out three books-- two to read, and one on drawing-- Spider-Man and his buddies. Right now he has the latter spread out on the kitchen table, preparing to produce a classic renditon of Our Hero. If my camera were working, I'd share it with you. Maybe next time.

The rest of my day was quiet. Did some reading for the class I'm taking this quarter (modern church history, the last course I'm required for graduation). Cleaning up myriad piles of heretofore unattended paperwork. And planning out my sermon for Sunday. I'm giving the children's sermon, which will be a first for me. Stay tuned, sports fans-- we're going fishing, the old-fashioned way.


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