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Friday, January 14, 2005

The Evening's Adventures (or How I Lost My Shirt After Boar's Head)

The festivities last night were great fun, though honestly a lot milder than what I've come to expect. The planners for the program apparently (a) lost track of time, so didn't have a lot of the sorts of things we've done in recent years; and (b) decided not to use a lot of the fodder they were given, in an effort to produce a kinder, gentler Boar's Head. And it was that-- and though there were some laughs and clever moments, it wasn't nearly the inside jokefest that it has been. It was fun, but disappointing, in a way.

Rest assured, however, that much of the slack was taken up by my classmates themselves. Goodness knows, I caught my fair share, even without the visual aids to memory such as Tripp so generously offers (in the comments on the last post) to supply.

Of course, it helped that my chaplain took her turn this year in The Costume (your basic serving wench ensemble), which invited much in the way of arch comments and amused reminiscing-- vocal, occasionally bawdy teasing that, oddly enough, says family.

After the dinner, we went back to Mike's place for some further libations and general frivolity. Unfortunately, the chaplain had one of her disoriented spells, one which lasted long enough that we felt obligated to take her over to the hospital (she's fine now-- back home and in classes today). The ER nursing staff, of course, did not know the history of Boar's Head, or The Costume; and the looks on their faces ("seminary students?") were a sight to behold; some few explanations were necessary.

When it came time to leave, we realized that all she had to put back on to wear home was in fact The Costume, which is both time-consuming to get into properly (a bodice to lace up, etc), and not suited to the venue. Now, as it happened, I was not in costume-- my attire included a little red turtleneck and a black button-down sweater. So I gave her the shirt to wear, and simply buttoned up the sweater (which would have been too large for her; she's a tiny thing). And thus we made our unobtrusive way home and to bed.

What, you were expecting something more... adventurous? What could you be thinking?

(Careful how you answer that; this is a family blog).


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