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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Evening prayer

Today was one of my days at St. Andrew's. We've been busy-- lots of moving and shaking going on. Carol is shifting herself out of the officially designated rector's office, and into an unused classroom, so that the office space can become a library/Bible study/meeting room. It will be fine when it's done; but in the meantime we're packing and unpacking, and figuring out ways for two women to move boxes (as well as some of the smaller pieces of furniture) without setting off one medical condition or another. We have a small cart, and have discovered that rolling desk chairs make very nice dollys, after a fashion.

This afternoon was "Thursday Sunday School." The parish is growing, but still small enough that there aren't many kids in Christian Ed-- and Carol prefers to welcome them into worship, rather than holding Sunday School during Eucharist. So Thursday School (after school, from 4:00 until 5:00 pm) is the current experiment with providing Christian Ed to the children of the parish. This afternoon there were two young boys who joined us, with my own youngest (Kyle had a half day of school today, so I brought him to work with me) making a third.

Nothing especially remarkable about the time we spent together. We had a snack and some juice, and did a small craft project (in this case, connected with this Sunday's Gospel-- we made "Blessed R's"). Then we played a game, lining up in order the names of the New Testament books written on flash cards. It doesn't sound exciting, but we were very silly ("Acts, Romans, Corinthians, lend me your ears!") and it was fun.

Then the boys asked if they could have some music before going home. Carol got her guitar and we headed to the nave, where the kids made a beeline for the rhythm instruments the praise band uses. And then we sang.

It's the first time I've tried singing, since I lost my voice last weekend-- and though I wouldn't want anyone critical listening, the kids were oblivious in their joyful abandon. Only two songs, before it was time to go home; but oh, it felt good. Lord knows I'm no professional musician, nor even an especially talented amateur; but I've missed the feel of the music, resonating in my chest and through my body. Jubilate, Jubilate, Jubilate Deo! What a gift.


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