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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

It's the little things...

First, I ran out of black embroidery floss. I knew I was running low, and I could have picked some up yesterday, while I was out, if I had been using the brains God gave me; but no, that would be too easy. So instead of happily finishing the needlework for Mark's stole, I'm headed out shopping, for the second day in a row. Ew.

Next, it's time for the kids to get up and off to school. As he's walking out the door, the boy hands me a note from school, telling me his lunch money account is running on fumes. Could have had this done last night; but no, that would be too easy. So Bruce scrambles for the checkbook, scribbling furiously as the bus is lumbering toward our house.

Then I think, since I have to go out anyway, I might as well pick up the light bulbs we need, right? Could just unscrew the dead bulb and throw it away; but (all together now) no, that would be too easy. The glass separates from the metal base in the socket, tripping the breaker in the process. Now changing the bulb will require needlenose pliers and patience-- and the latter is by now in short supply.

And to top it all off... well, I will simply note that, when one's youngest child is half-grown, and fleeting thoughts of having more have long since faded, there are some things women just should not have to deal with anymore.

So far, the only thing going smoothly this morning seems to be the vocabulary I learned back in the mill.


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