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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Thursday, December 04, 2003

Way too much like work

I turned in the final paper for my preaching class today. Not so complicated, really; the assignment was pretty straightforward:

"As a preacher living in the most privileged country in the world at a time when many aspects of that privilege are being challenged from within and without our borders, what shape will the message of salvation take in your preaching ministry? In what ways does life in America enable your preaching, and in what ways does it make preaching difficult? Which of the Powers will your preaching confront? What aspects of your life have prepared you to preach the message of salvation in this way?

No, not complicated-- until I started writing it. And then I found myself actually answering the questions. From there it became more of an adventure, as some of the "preparation" has come from "aspects of my life" that are rather less than fun to remember. Scary places. Spots that are healing, but not necessarily whole. Sometimes salvation is still a work in progress, folks.

I ended up talking about this, a bit-- a short conversation unexpectedly wedged into the schedule, intense in a way I was not prepared for, in a space too small to contain it. Then suddenly it was time to go; and so I went, trying not to get caught up in the effort of putting ghosts to bed without really having allowed them to wear themselves out.

So now I'm worn out. Prayer time before I try sleeping is going to be pretty indispensible tonight.


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