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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Monday, December 01, 2003

The party's over...

...and we're back in class, for the next two weeks. I'm actually doing pretty well with my coursework; the big projects are essentially done, and the little ones at least in progress. However, as a result, I'm behind on extra-curricular responsibilities. So that's the agenda for the next couple weeks:

Quiz questions for Christian Life & Thought I
Next week's ordo (that's the orders of services for next week, anywhere else)
Liturgical signup sheets for Winter Quarter
Cantor rota for the Winter Quarter

Also, I got a note from my rector, who wants me to take on preaching more regularly-- one Sunday each month or so, as part of my development in the parish. We'll get together to review my homiletic efforts after each sermon, with an eye toward general preaching/communication style, as well as theological development. I have to do a few with notes, for example, rather than a manuscript (which would have made me a lot more nervous before this preaching class, and before I managed to survive my wee Plunge preaching moment). This is going to be a good thing, even as it adds to the never finished To Do List I carry around with me.

Today, however, I have a more immediate focus: the Bish is on the block! Ed comes up once or twice a year: to chat with the dean, and to spend time talking with his seminarians. Checking up on us, but not in a perjorative sense; more like checking in, making sure that we're ok, offering counsel and support. And he always concludes his visit with taking us out to dinner, for a bit of social time off the block. I love my bishop.


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