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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Friday, November 21, 2003


Yesterday was the last of my classes for a week; Thanksgiving, and hence Reading Week, is upon us. I don't have classes on Friday this term, so I packed up and drove south last night-- after dinner with Tripp & Trish (who I hope is feeling better-- she's bothered by an impertinent bug that seems to be wending its way through the North Shore. A large chunk of Seabury is also coughing and wheezing).

I've spent most of the day rooting through articles and websites, researching Stage 3 of my systematics project-- the "family values" portion of the program. I am struck, believe it or not, by the commonalities between the extremes in this debate. Both the fundamentalist "proof-texters" and the "ignore the patriarchy" crowd seem to me to suffer from an appalling lack of logic, of failing to think through their positions. The adjective "knee-jerk" applies equally, IMO, to so-called conservatives and liberals; and, after having spent a few hours wading through websites and diatribes, I'm inclined to remove the "knee."

So, here's the agenda for the week:

Systematics - Stage 3 paper, reading, journal
Preaching - reflection, homily exercise, paper

Bathroom - finish the drywall
Sewing - Gene's pants, Mark's stole, Kate's chausible

Sister-in-law Bonnie's house in Indy on Thurs
--->(email Faye for sweet potato recipe!!)
Dad and Pat in town on Friday

This will be busy time, but good.


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