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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Thursday, December 11, 2003


It's been fun to be part of my preaching class this term-- to be part of a group of people working to find voices for proclamation of the Gospel. Everyone's gotten better, and some have really blossomed; John is an encouraging teacher.

A few of us are going home to stand in the pulpit over the break. Susie and Jen will both be preaching after Christmas, and I'm hoping (ahem... hint, hint!) that they remember to post their sermons.

My next homiletic effort will be this coming Sunday. Not at home, though; the rector of another church in my diocese, in a weak moment, invited me over to his place. They're even putting me up the night before, so I won't have to drive for 2 hours before their 8:00 am service. This time of year, that's 7:00 am on my watch (Indiana's schizophrenic when it comes to time zones), which would make an early start to the day, even for this morning person; so I'm doubly grateful. Brian's a great guy, and St. Anne's, Warsaw is a lovely church community.

So I've spent the week, in between the rest of life, mulling over the readings for 3 Advent. John the Baptist at his warm and fuzzy best.


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