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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Just a quick note

We had a whiz-bang thunderstorm go through the other night. It was right over the house-- had me sitting upright in bed at one point, almost before I knew what I was doing.

Our home is fine, but we do have some power issues that will take a few days to clear up. The electric is back on, but we have a surge protector to replace, ours having done it's job, and died in service. And the internet is down at home, and likely won't be back until tomorrow.

I'll have a lengthier blog to give you, over the last couple of not uneventful days, as soon as I can get online at home again. In the meantime I'd like to direct your attention to a couple of new blogs.

First, St. Jerome's librarian has moved to a new home; and has some new things to share as part of his housewarming party.

And then, the Lovely Wife has opened her own corner of the blogiverse, appropriately named. Please stop by and say hello-- and then check back. Don't let that title fool you into expecting fluff. This is a woman with an "in-person" penchant for insights and musings both kind and direct, and I don't imagine her blog will be any different. She's on my list of favorite people.


Blogger Ryan said...

I'd just like to share the absolute joy and frivolity your use of the word "whiz-bang", in relation to a thunderstorm, brought to my heart.
That's awesome!

August 08, 2004 3:16 PM  

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