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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Sunday, June 13, 2004

A "miscellaneous" sort of day

Yesterday, I spent part of my morning ambling through a north side neighborhood. I generally do not amble well; brisk is more my natural walking speed. However, in good company (which I was), ambling works quite well.

Next I went up to Seabury, stopping long enough to empty my mailbox of returned papers and finals. I got to chat with a few friends, and smiled at the ability to do so without papers and projects hanging over our heads.

(About this point I looked at the clock, and realized that, in Spokane, WA, Todd was officially "diaconated"-- and Joelene was likely making their cathedral carillon sing. Congrats, bro, and all the best as you start down this new path in God's service.

Came home and took a lovely afternoon nap.

Had dinner with my family; spent the evening watching Bruce Almighty, and putting together bulletins for this morning's worship service. I'm flying solo today!

Speaking of which, I need to get moving, or I'll be late. I'll post the sermon later...


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