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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Another day, another year

Graduation Day dawned clear and bright-- and a bit chilly, which was a blessing for all the folks running around in extra layers.

Swarms of liturgical ministers, ushers and sacristans everywhere. Episcopalians are very fond of ceremony-- we can make a liturgy of any occasion-- and when there's a special reason for it, we tend to go all out. Susie and I were "Hood Sacs:" responsible for seeing that each academic hood got around the neck of the right graduate (our academic dean did the actual draping, of course). And they did, every one of them.

The service was splendid (well, it wasn't the best sermon I've heard; but I suppose you can't have everything), thanks to all the planning and preparation. And a marvelous crop of newly-minted Seabury alumni walked out into the sunlight, happy tears amid joyful laughter.

I am going to sorely miss having these folks around; but it's marvelous to see them starting out, moving into the ministry for which all this has been preparation. And besides, it's giving me wonderful ideas for travel destinations. Montana... or a Mississippi trip or three...

Yes, the adventure continues.

And next year, it's our turn!


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