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Friday, May 28, 2004

Awards Night

Last night was Seabury's annual Awards Night. The festivities began with Eucharist of course-- one of our "big deal" services, including distribution of a host of formal awards in various areas, and Seabury crosses presented to all the graduating students. I was the MC for the service: in charge of recruiting liturgical ministers, picking music and vestments, putting together the bulletin, and organizing the myriad details that go into putting together community worship.

The evening went well-- Only a few minor glitches, none of which got in the way of the praise of God in worship.

After the service, we had a dinner, and much revelry ensued. There were some really hilarious skits and doings (Tripp and Rev. Ref. do a fine job of telling you more about that) and some more informal student awards were passed out. It was great fun.

What do I take away from the evening? Ooh, lots:

...Gratitude. Once upon a time, I would have really been stressing over all of what had to be done. As I said, this is a big deal for our community here. But one thing that Seabury does well is liturgy-- the training, the teaching, the performing. And students are both encouraged and expected to be in on all facets of that from the beginning. So, after two years here, I found it was exciting to get to put it all together. Time consuming, certainly, but fun, and I'm grateful.

...Wistful joy. This was a winding down toward a time when a lot of people I've come to love dearly will be moving out, and moving on, and no longer part of my day-to-day living. And, while I wouldn't want anything else for them, it's a bittersweet thing.

...Grace. The gifts of late-night conversation, and connection, and love, shared with a kindred spirit. "Thanks" doesn't begin to cover it.


Blogger Reverend Ref + said...

It's funny how we used the same terminology -- "Grace" and "Thanks." And yes, sometimes a simple "Thanks" when used between friends covers everything.

May 29, 2004 11:54 AM  

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