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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Back at it

Today is a getting ready day-- the last full day at home, before I begin once again the weekly pilgrimages that are my routine when classes are in session.

I am what Seabury terms a Weekend Commuter: go up on Monday, come home Thursday or Friday, depending on the class schedule. This means Bruce is Parent on Duty during the week-- which role has him on the fast track for sainthood, in my opinion.

No, it's not ideal, but it serves a couple of purposes. First, we didn't have to uproot our family for 3 years, which was especially important to the daughter in high school. Second, staying on campus during the week gives me back what would be the daily commute time , for study and community stuff at school. That way, I don't have to lock myself in a closet to get work done when I get home; by and large, I can walk in the door and be wife and mother, rather than student recluse.

So today I'm washing clothes and ironing, finishing some last-minute projects, and packing up my laundry basket. I'm going up on Sunday this time-- unusual, but so is the week. Seniors start GOE's bright and early Monday morning, so we'll be celebrating a community Eucharist the evening before, as part of the preparation.

On the way up, I will be swinging by the airport to pick up newly priested Mark, who is coming back for the week as GOE chaplain, and will be presiding at the service. This is a Very Cool Thing.

So, today is the last minute scramble, before we're back at it again. Laundry, errands, and a bit of sewing-- and if I'm efficient, time for a second viewing of The Movie with Bruce and the gang from the dojo this afternoon. I've largely finished the sermon for tomorrow-- it's down to the tweaking stage. I'll post it in the morning before I go.


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