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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Adventures in Ethics

In the entry below, the Astute Reader will notice something new, and different, and exciting: all the words are in a pretty green. This is intended to be a visual cue to those intrepid souls from my Ethics II class, who will be wandering by at the behest of our fearless instructor. I'm trying to make it easy to find the required class entries. This way, they can look for the color coding, and bypass the other trivia I post here, if they so choose.

A word of explanation for those without a syllabus in hand: Trevor has, as one of the course requirements, set up a "vitual lab for the practice of Christian Ethics." Being Trevor, blogging is an integral part of that. You can check here if you're interested in the details of why and how.

I find that the structure of the whole project is rather confusing; so I am sort of mentally ignoring it at this point. I'm concentrating on my piece, which is to blog weekly from a personal viewpoint, and commenting on something related to that week's topic.

The first week's entry is below.


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