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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Friday, December 19, 2003

Ordination season

Yes, a whole host of Seabury folk are under the hands of their bishops this weekend: from the dioceses of Chicago, Michigan, Western Michigan, NW Pennsylvania... new clergy everywhere. Actually, Heather started it off early; last night was her diaconal ordination. We couldn't make it up to Kalamazoo, doggone it, because of a range of stuff that just conflated: school, pack meeting, DMV appt., etc. Nevertheless, my overseas-traveling, party-hosting, sarcasm-slinging sister-friend is now Deacon Heather-- and she had better be geared for a major hug when next I see her.

Fortunately, that's really soon. We're packing up today to head to Pennsylvania, for Mark's priesting (and Heather's diaconal debut!), tomorrow afternoon. I missed Mark's diaconal, because of CPE; and so this has been on the calendar for some time. Some gracious folks from his parish are putting us up for the next two nights, bless them. We'll pick the kids up from school in a couple hours, and head eastward. Mark being the geek that he is, internet access will be easy to find-- sit down on his sofa, and there it is. With all the goings on, I don't know how much blogging time there will be; we'll see.

Finished the stole this morning, thankfully. Nothing like sewing at the last minute. It's not the best embroidery you'll ever lay eyes on-- but there's a prayer in every stitch, so it will do.

Off to pack!


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