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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Snow Day II

The snow is still falling. I woke up this morning and came out to the kitchen to see this:

Even after scraping off the driveway before I went to bed last night, there was also another foot on the pavement to be shoveled. That brings the total accumulation up well over two feet.

My assistant lives in Red Lodge; he reports waist-high snow at his house.

After chatting with my senior wardens (heads of parish councils, for the non-Episcopalians out there), I agreed to cancel services today in Absarokee and Joliet. Part of me feels guilty, like I'm slacking. I mean, they wouldn't be fun commutes, but I could probably get to those towns safely... maybe. But really, it would not be wise; as I said yesterday, road clearing is kind of an optional thing here. In addition, I have parishioners in both places who would feel obligated to try to get out if I "came all that way," and who do not belong on the roads in these conditions. Better that we all stay home this Sunday-- and, as my Joliet SW said, "We'll just pray twice as hard next week."

I did walk over to lead worship at the church in Laurel; but no one else stuck their nose outdoors (apparently my congregants are smarter than I am!). I read Morning Prayer, put away the vestments and vessels, and came home.

Perhaps we'll make a snowman later, when the Birthday Boy wakes up.

Updated: at 5:00 PM, almost 72 hours after it started, the snow has finally stopped. And the sun is out-- glorious!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Glorify the Lord, O chill and cold, drops of dew and flakes of snow. Frost and cold, ice and sleet, glorify the Lord, praise him and highly exalt him for ever."
BCP page 88

October 12, 2008 3:58 PM  

Blogger Emily said...

gotta love a snow day!

Why is it that we feel so guilty about those things? I always have the same feeling when I cancel Sunday services due to, say, an inch of freezing rain. . .

October 13, 2008 7:10 AM  

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