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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Click to Give

This weekend is our quarterly regional board meeting, but neither the board's secretary nor the president (her husband) will be there. Instead, they will be spending the weekend in Texas. There "M" will undergo tests to verify she's still clear of the breast cancer that sent her there for treatment two years ago. They make the trip every three months.

My most recent mammogram (aka "Visit with the Vise Squad") was clear-- and, I am grateful to say, covered by our insurance. Both of us are fortunate women in that we can get the care and/or treatment we need without straining our budgets. Not everyone is so blessed.

You can help with that very easily, if you will. Just take the time to visit The Breast Cancer Site, and click the big pink button. Please-- as a favor to me, in gratitude for M's life, and for the sake of all the women who don't have the advantages we do.



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