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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Friday, March 14, 2008

Rev Gal Friday Five: Time and transitions

A side trip, as we move this week from triumph to Calvary....

1. If you could travel to any historical time period, which would it be, and why?
Oh, golly that's hard. On one hand, I've thought it would be fun to visit several times and places: the middle east, during the time of Christ; medieval England and Scotland; the colonial period of this country; or here in our part of the world a century or so ago, when we were still a territory. Witnessing significant moments would be wonderful, but I'd also just like to get a sense of the day-to-day culture of the time and place.

On the other hand, most of history has not been kind to women (unless one was wealthy, or protected by a sympathetic man); so I think visit is the operative word.

2. What futuristic/science fiction development would you most like to see?
Beam me up, Scotty! I've wished for a transporter throughout seminary, when I was driving 50 miles each way. And now that I'm putting 400-500 miles a week on my car, that wish has only become stronger.

3. Which do you enjoy more: remembering the past, or dreaming for the future?
I like to do both; but if I had to choose, I suppose I'm more of a dreamer than a rememberer.

4. What do you find most memorable about this year's Lent?
This has been the least frenetic Lent for me in many years. One of my disciplines has been a concerted effort to be more mindful of the allocation of my time- especially as it comes to prayer and play. Though I certainly know better, when life gets hectic I am often guilty of giving both short shrift-- being perfunctory in my daily prayers, and shorting relaxation and family time to "get one more thing done." Not good for me, my family, or my parishes. So I have been consciously trying to allocate... and it has made a real difference.

5. How will you spend your time during this upcoming Holy Week? What part do you look forward to most?
Liturgy, liturgy, liturgy! With four churches, there's not much else going on. My favorite part? The Vigil. Lighting the fire, and singing the Exsultet... the drama that expresses the impact and significance of the events we remember and celebrate.


Anonymous lorna (see throughfaith) said...

FOUR churches?

Hey thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment today. I'll be sure to post photos of the finished products :)

the fabric store actually is a nice place - at least the older lady who works there is very helpful and I don't feel totally useless if I have to get something without my DD or another friend!

March 15, 2008 8:39 AM  

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