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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Cleverly Disguised as a Responsible Adult

That was the theme this morning. I've just finished several hours in that arena, and I'm feeling pretty good. Not that everything looks so rosy (we are still recovering from seminary bills, among other things!). However, I did accomplish the following:

  • Balanced the checkbook. I am compulsive about this. To the penny, every month.
  • Paid the bills. At least, the set currently due. Like laundry, this is a job that never really ends.
  • Set up quarterly taxes for payment. Like many churches, mine do not take payroll deductions; so I pay Uncle Sam (and Aunt Montana) quarterly. They are not due until the 15th, but I can set them up and authorize them early, and get it out of the way. Just another thrilling part of the clerical adventure.
  • Cancelled a paid-off credit card. Huzzah! Less plastic is better!
  • Obtained copies of our credit reports, and corrected errors in same. By law each of the three credit reporting agencies have to provide one free annual report. You can get one via the Federal Trade Commission (don't go elsewhere-- there's always a catch), and it's easy to request an adjustment of anything in error. In our case, the corrections were not huge-- two old inactive accounts we needed to close, and a couple closed accounts that were not recorded properly.
And now, I've just about had all the Grown-up Time I can stand for a while. Time to go ride my bike!


Blogger revabi said...

I love that, uncle Sam and Aunt Montana. Those quarterlies can come back to bite you. And most people don't know that we pay it that way.

Glad you got to ride your bike.

September 02, 2007 9:43 PM  

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