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Friday, September 22, 2006

RevGal Friday Five - Boo boos

1) Are you a baby about small injuries?
No, I'm really not. I tend to deal with it and move on. Cuts and bumps are part of living, and I've always got a bruise somewhere-- half the time I don't even notice when I got it. I'm a bigger baby about illness than I am about injury; it's when I'm not feeling well that I like to be coddled.

2) What's the silliest way you have ever hurt yourself?
This is a well-worn tale in my household. When I was 4, we got a new color TV console. This was back in the Dark Ages before remotes, mind you. The dial for changing channels had a slot that only allowed the number of the selected channel to show, back lit. I wanted to know what the numbers looked like upside down, but I was too small to simply bend over and look; so I crawled up on top of the TV. I slipped and fell off, and broke both arms.

3) Who took care of your boo-boos when you were a child?
Usually my father. He would apply the disinfectant (merthiolate-- nasty orange stuff that hurt like crazy), and then draw pictures with the little applicator stick on arms, legs or tummy to try to distract from the fact that it stung so badly.

4) Are you a good nurse when others have boo-boos?
I am a very good nurse. Blood and other bodily fluids do not bother me, and I'm pretty steady in an emergency.

5) What's the worst accidental injury you've suffered? Did it require a trip to the Emergency Room?
I've had broken bones and stitches more than once over the years, but I guess the worst injury would have to be to my back. Years of heavy lifting and other cumulative abuse led to the final, silly moment. One day I was bent over cleaning out the bathtub, and stood up wrong. Serious agony ensued, and I couldn't strighten up. It did not require a trip to the ER, but it did eventually result in surgery to correct three herniated discs (yes, that's what I said) that were pressing on my sciatic nerve. In the months between injury and surgery I was not a fun date.


Anonymous ppolarbear said...

TWO broken arms and THREE herniated disks! yikes! You're not subtle in the injury department are you?

September 22, 2006 7:28 PM  

Blogger revabi said...

I'm with ppolarbear.

So are you a better date now since having surgery?

September 24, 2006 9:34 PM  

Blogger Jane Ellen+ said...


No, I guess I'm not subtle-- though at least the drama has been widely dispersed. I have not broken a bone since I was 12, and the surgery was 10 years ago.

And yes-- since that span of 4-5 months before the operation was consumed with physical therapy, traction, and drugs that left me stupid, I am far better off (and I'd like to believe more fun to be around!) since the surgeon did his thing.

September 25, 2006 7:05 AM  

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