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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

So, where were we... ?

Hello? Is anyone home?

Yes, I'm still here. Thanks for asking!

I apologize for the absence. The short story is that, though I tend to guard my privacy somewhat less than other of my blogging buddies, there are some areas of our life and times at Chez Hoosier that I do not choose to have bouncing around the blogisphere. And our life has been simply chock-full of those sorts of adventures lately. This has necessarily limited my choices; and, on the occasions that I've found time that normally would have been used for blogging, I've found it hard to come up with something to say when my mind has been preoccupied elsewhere. Hence, the "radio silence" around here.

So... "shareable" events?

Houses: cleaning in Indiana (for sale) and hunting in Montana (for purchase) are both solidly works in progress. Of course, the latter is much more fun than the former. We have had more than 10 years in this house; and in spite of my best efforts, we have accumulated WAY too much stuff.

Funerals: these continue to be a theme here. Last week I officiated at my first funeral, for a patient from the hospital who had been housebound for several years and didn't have a church home. This Saturday I will be at my second. I find that it's both easier and harder to lead a memorial service with such little knowledge of the deceased. Easier, because I have not had to be concerned that my own emotions might distract from the comfort that the congregants are trying to find in the scripture and the prayers and the community gathered. Harder, because it's more work to preach. We do not, in the Episcopal Church, include eulogies in our service (believing they are appropriately reserved to other venues, while worship is more focused on salvation and the hope of resurrection). However, we do certainly refer to and celebrate the life of the dearly departed, and this is more difficult when that life is largely unknown to the preacher.

And now, it's bedtime. More later, I promise.


Anonymous peripateticpolarbear said...

I could live in a tent for 3 days and accumulate too much stuff. Good luck on the purge and pack.

April 05, 2006 8:23 PM  

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