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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Saying goodbye

My, we crammed a lot into our last day on the island!

First we drove up to the Dole Plantation and worked our way through the world's largest maze.

Oahu's North Shore
Then we wandered up to Oahu's North Shore for lunch. This is a beautiful drive, and very different from the south side of the island. The landscape is more austere and the waves are much higher (this is where all the surfers were, Frank).

Sea turtle

The surfers weren't the only wildlife we saw up there, though.

Then we hustled back down to the airport to pick up a friend, former classmate, and the newest priest in Hawaii! Moki had to come to Ohau from Maui for a clergy conference, and was able to fly in a day early so we could have dinner together before we left. He went with us to visit St. Andrew's Cathedral, then out to an incredible dinner, and a final drive up to an outlook over the city before we had to leave.

Saying goodbye

We had a wonderful trip. I'm still content to be living on the mainland, but I'm looking forward to the time we can go back someday. For an extended period.


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