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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Military memories

These are offices at Hickam Air Force Base. Originally built as base housing, the building dates back to before the attack on Pearl Harbor. The damage you can see at the corner is due to strafing fire. Several buildings still bear such scars.


This picture was also taken at Hickam. From the beach there we could see a submarine being towed into Pearl Harbor.

This is the monument at the top of the Punchbowl-- the crater of an extinct volcano. It was set aside as a cemetary, and the remains of those killed in the Pearl harbor attack were buried there.

Arizona Memorial

Arizona memorialFrom our visit to the Arizona Memorial, the diagram at left shows the positioning of the monument over the wreckage below. This is also a burial site. There were 1,177 men lost on the ship that day, and their remains still rest below. Some of the survivors of that day have also chosen, when they die, to be buried with their shipmates; their cremated remains are dropped into one of the turrets. The names of some two dozen men who have chosen this are listed on a separate stone in the memorial.


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