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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Late Night Aloha

Yep-- we're in Hawaii! Spending the week visiting Mark, and soaking up the island ambience. I am exhausted, but this is still beyond exciting.

The exhausted comes from getting in around 9:30 pm local time, or 1:30 am according to my body clock. Considering I was up at 4 (and the rest of the family at 5) in order to make our flight, that makes for a LONG day.

It wasn't supposed to be that long. However, the initial leg of our flight was WAY behind schedule, and we didn't leave the ground until an hour and a half after it's scheduled departure hey-- we could have slept in!). And then we had headwinds that made it take an hour longer to get into LA. So yes, we missed our connection. Then we were told initially (after standing in a LONG line behind ONE available agent) that there were no other spaces available to fly out that night. Eventually, I learned that the airline was able to book us directly though on a later flight, but not together. We had four separate seats, scattered all over the plane.

Our travels improved after these adventures.

I got in line when the counter opened again, hoping to change seat assignments and get them closer together (at least two of them, so the boy wouldn't be sitting solo). We waited FOREVER at the counter because again, only one agent was handling checking people in, rebooking (it was VERY full, enough that they were asking people to volunteer to fly the next day instead) fielding phone calls... the woman was doing 14 things at once, as best she could.

At one point, Kyle came up while I was in line to ask what was taking so long. I explained what was going on, and that the lady was doing her best, and we simply needed to be patient and wait our turn. I'm sure she caught far more than her fair share of grief over mistakes that were out of her control.

When she finally was able to handle my request, she thanked me for our patience, and assured me that, because she appreciated it, she would see we were seated together. And indeed we were-- in first class! Really comfy seats, and fancy table settings, and meals as good as any restaurant fare I've ever had.... It would never even occur to me to actually buy a first class ticket (goodness, one ticket cost what we paid for 4 of us to fly!), it was very, very nice to have it given us.

Our Luke 14 moment for the day.

More later...


Blogger Dawgdays said...

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February 18, 2006 10:45 PM  

Blogger Dawgdays said...

Sounds like you took the quintessential island attitude - "hang loose!"

Hope you have a fabulous trip!

February 18, 2006 11:01 PM  

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