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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tourist Monday

Yes, we've been busy not being busy. So I'm catching up on vacation reporting tonight.

Monday we trotted around Waikiki for a while. Quite honestly, it was not the most impressive part of the trip for this Chicagoland native. All I could think was "Lake Shore Drive, with palm trees." Many high-rent shopping opportunities, much frenetic activity. We bought a few things, of course; I even got talked into a dress in a pretty hibiscus print. My favorite store visit, however, was the one you see at left, with an enormous salt water tank through which visitors could walk. I've seen something similar up at the Mall of America, as a ticketed activity; but this was a freebie for anyone wandering by. What fun!

We didn't go to the beach there-- nice enough, we were told, but crowded and not nearly so pleasant as our experience at Bellows the day before.

Then we went to our first Official Tourist Event, and attended a luau that evening. I'm glad to have gone-- great food, and a fun evening's entertainment-- but once is enough, I think.


Blogger will smama said...

oooooo, Hawaii.

My favorite vacation - EVER!

February 25, 2006 7:00 PM  

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