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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Attitude adjustment

The alarm clock turned off, and I woke up all out of sorts. The answer to that? Mom got moving:
  • Went over homework, helped with corrections, and practiced spelling words before the boy got on the bus.
  • One load of laundry folded, and another tossed in the dryer, so my husband has a gi for his aikido class tonight.
  • Put together tonight's supper (venison stew) in the crockpot.
Showered, dressed, and drove to church, shifting to Cleric Mode:
  • Chose music, wrote announcements, assembled daily office readings, and otherwise put this week's bulletin together.
  • Did some research for Sunday's sermon-- got caught up in biblical geography, which is not my strong suit-- but I think it's tying in to what I'll be preaching. We'll see.
  • Went over issues and information that need to come before our annual parish meeting in two weeks (that soon? yikes!).
  • Developed the beginnings of some thoughts for the next vestry vision meeting. I think we're going to look at the by-laws. . .
  • Stopped by the hospital on the way out of town, to visit a parishioner-- a dear, gentle woman battling pneumonia, and not out of the woods yet.
And then, back into Civilian Life:
  • Picked up some storage bins on the way home, for the basement purge currently underway.
  • Tossed a batch of biscuits in the oven.
  • Bid goodbye to the guys, who were off to class, and ate dinner with daughter and prospective beau (polite, friendly, and can hold an articulate conversation; this one may have potential).
And finally, finishing the evening in dual persona: reading through parish documentation and vestry paperwork, and in a much-needed conversation with a friend.

In other words, trying to let a busy day give a reality check to a bad attitude.


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