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Friday, January 06, 2006

Rev Gal Friday Five: Housewifery

Now that you mention it, Friday is most often a day of housewifery for me. I am off today, so this is when I do grocery shopping, laundry, and the other sorts of miscellaneous tasks that make up my "Domestic Goddess" mode.

The RevGal blog today asked the following:

Name four household products, utensils or appliances that have served you well and truly. For item #5, please share with us one of the above we should never, ever, under any circumstances purchase or expect to manipulate, use or otherwise operate successfully.

1. Scotch Brite scrub pads. Just the scouring pad-- not the kind with the sponge on them, please! They are sold large, so I cut them in half, and use them all over the house: kitchen, bathroom, laundry... I'm cheap enough to have tried several off brands, but they don't hold up nearly as well.

2. Kitchen shears. I discovered the magic of these little gems a few years back, and I don't know how I managed beforehand. Opening packages, deboning chicken, trimming fat off meat or stems off beans, and myriad other uses. My children are under unspecified threats of doom if I find they have left the kitchen.

3. Stand mixer. My first was a Sunbeam, and the current workhorse (of several years' duration) is a Kitchenaid. This is a wondrous toy, and a boon to baking.

4. A good garlic press. I went through several pathetic excuses for this kitchen essential before I discovered this one at a Pampered Chef party several years ago. It actually rices the garlic without peeling it, rather than turning it into a nasty, useless little pancake. I didn't see why people bothered with fresh garlic until I had this thing; now it's all I use.


5. An egg separator. What is that about? Someone gave me a separator once-- it broke the yolk, every time. Um... kind of defeats the point of separating, yes?

Separator, schmeparator. That's why God thoughtfully put eggs in those handy little shells that break in half and pour back and forth until all the white plops into a bowl.


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