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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Playing with fire

Today's preaching class was round two-- my second sermon in as many days. Our group was working with the Holy Week gospels, and made the choice to preach all our sermons as first person narratives. The four of us spoke from the perspectives of

An angry Pharisee, on Palm Sunday;
Judas, on Maundy Thursday;
Mary, on Good Friday; and
Mary Magdalene at the Vigil.

Four sermons, each preceded with the appointed Gospel, as indicated above. Walking the path through Jerusalem, to the upper room, to Golgotha, to the empty tomb, in the space of an hour. Exhilarating... exhausting... yeah. Wow.

As I said before: barring an unforseen clamor, I think I'll hold off posting mine until the real Good Friday rolls around.

But even then, it may seem inadequate without the others.

The Spirit was alive in this place today; and I am incredibly blessed to be able to pray, and preach, and learn with these gracious, gifted people.


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