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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Thursday, already?

Where does the week go? Lots going on, today.

This morning is dedicated to homework. Greek first. Exercises, and more flash cards-- nouns, this time. Only a dozen or so words; not bad, until you start messing with the grammar endings. We started with the second declension (don't ask what a declension is. All I know is there are three of them, and the 2nd is supposed to be the easy one). By the time class was over, my brain was full. One thing that didn't throw me was the idea of rearranging the word order. The verb apparently comes first, more often than not. In other words, Yoda was Greek.

Preaching class this afternoon. Susie, Micah, Tripp and I are in the pulpit this time. Good company, but I am nervous about this. Had a hard time finding the sermon-- I've scrapped two half-done, half-baked attempts, and this one still feels like a tenuous work in progress. What is it about this place that seems to throw me off so? Anyway, there it is; to the degree that I manage not to mess up, you may directly credit divine intervention. If I actually come up with something coherent to say, I'll post it after class.

This evening, then, is the annual bacchanalia we call Boar's Head. It is in part an opportunity to blow off steam, especially for Seniors who have just finished taking GOE's; and in part an opportunity for said seniors to be roasted by their Middler seminary classmates, before they head out the door in the spring. This being an Episcopal seminary, We begin with Eucharist-- an Elizabethan service, taken from the 1549 Book of Common Prayer. Many dress in period costumes of a sort, in honor of the occasion. Worship is then followed by a dinner along the same theme (service courtesy of Junior class volunteers) and there the roasting and revelry take place. I was one of the servers last year, and it was fun; this year I'm part of the entertainment portion, in a choral group our chair is calling the "Boar's Ass Chorale." Looks like it's going to be a hoot, and I'll be up way past my bedtime.


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