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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Saturday, January 31, 2004

Greek Geeks

Yes, the thrill continues. This is not easy stuff, by any means; but I like it. I feel like a kid who's been handed a Secret Decoder Ring. Even when I'm stuck in deciphering why some odd verb form is used ("ah, the gnomic aorist! Who'da thunk it?"), I'm still having a good time.

In some ways, it's a blessed alternative to the rest of our usual curriculum. We have written assignments and quizzes each class, small projects to be started and completed. In Myers-Briggs terms, this makes my results-oriented "J" very happy. There are right and wrong answers; the wrong answers can be corrected, and the right ones agreed upon-- even by a classroom full of Episcopal seminarians.

There are a few of us who have taken to gathering in the Refectory before breakfast (yes, you heard me correctly) on class days, to drill vocab and go over homework. This has been incredibly helpful; listening to Andrew and Charlie work through translations, wrangling over verb endings and mumbling noun declensions together is reinforcement beyond price. Thanks, guys!

Our odd behavior has earned us the above nickname from the regular breakfast crowd; a club to which I'm grateful to belong. Of course, we have an open membership policy; feel free to come over to play, anytime.


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