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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Friday, January 30, 2004

Breathing Space

The last couple weeks on this blog have been a trifle minimalist, from a personal side. This quarter has had some adventuresome moments, and not all of them academic; but I looked up today and saw daylight, at least for a few minutes. And I've noticed that I've overlooked mentioning this and that, along the way. So...

Tuesday was Tripp's birthday, and a fine day it was. The lovely and talented Trish organized a dinner gathering at this little Indian restaurant, and then served an incredible cake back at the apartment for our collective delectation. We stayed talking, a few of us, until the wee hours, and were exhausted the next day, and it was worth every minute. Your day, love, but we were the ones gifted by the celebration. Thanks.

Meanwhile, Mark has taken to posting his parish newsletter musings. The first entry takes a gander at the way we talk about God. Stop by and chime in.

And David the Curate is soon to be David the Rector, having been called to his first parish. Exciting ministry opportunities abounding; I'm thrilled for him, and for his new parish family.


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