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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Back in the saddle again

The first week of classes, I'm discovering, is always deceptively peaceful. Professors check their rosters, pass out syllabi, and go over expectations (which sound easy and reasonable at this point). Two weeks from now I'll be in over my head, but I'm enjoying the feeling while it lasts. Especially yesterday, which was sunny and warm. That's supposed to change this afternoon, doggone it-- March is such a tease.

I have 4 classes this term, all still at Seabury (under the new curriculum, electives mostly don't start until next year). Yesterday was Christian Life & Thought II: Church history from roughly A.D. 700 - 1100 or so. It meets Mon/Wed. On Tues/Thurs I have New Testament I in the morning, Ethics I in the afternoon. Trevor's teaching ethics, which will be cool. Then there's Pastoral Care & Congregations, on Wed/Fri with John Dreibelbis.

I'm also beginning my morning walk routine once again, now that the subzero temps seem to have passed on. Hopefully my back will sooon be behaving itself again as a result; I sure didn't enjoy walking around listing to port so much last quarter. There's a small group of us that pace around the neighborhood, most mornings before breakfast. Be on the steps around 6:30 and you can join us!


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