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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Friday, March 21, 2003

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Spring break is not quite over, but I was back up at Seabury this morning for a few hours anyway. Tidied up my room a bit, reconnected with some returning classmates, checked out this quarter's textbooks (half of which weren't on the bookstore shelves; hope there's a major shipment this afternoon!), and spent a couple of hours with AKMA, trying to be useful. I have been recently employed as a cheerful work-study gopher; thus far I've spent my time primarily helping to organize his office a bit. This takes some effort, but does not require much mind-stretching. Today's project started out to be about that simple: uploading articles written by students in Early Church History class to an encyclopedia site that AKMA started last year. Unfortunately, that site has disappeared. Vanished. Evaporated into cyberspace ether.

So now I'm charged with creating a new site-- which I'm sure sounds simple to all you happy technogeeks out there, but is a bit intimidating for me, considering all I don't know. This would be easy to do in a database program-- Filemaker springs to mind; a wonderful toy and one with which I'm familiar and fairly able. However, my HTML experience is really minimal. The good news is that Bruce, my beloved husband, is quite competent, and has provided me with some useful tools and cogent suggestions; but even with his help there's going to be a learning curve here. Hope you're feeling especially patient, boss!

I did have the pleasure of submerging my nervousness in a fine lunch with Laura; a midday visit that two hours later seemed not nearly long enough. Then capped the evening with a rousing family game of Trouble, where Kyle came surging from behind to win (he's a cutthroat opponent, with an evil cackle as he pounces).


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