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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Playing hooky

All work and no play makes for cranky house hunters; and I think I'm developing the real estate equivalent to snow blindness! So this morning we took time off from house hunting. First we drove up to the Canyon Creek battlefield, just north. There's not much to see there, yet-- just a small shelter, and a marker indicating it was the site of a confrontation between the US Army and the Nez Perce during their attempted flight to Canada (another account can be found here).

So then we drove out east to Pompey's Pillar. The site is closed to cars in the off season, but foot traffic was still welcome, so we walked in-- about a mile from the gate to the rock. It's bigger than I expected-- covers about 2 acres, and is 150 feet tall, according to the literature. We wandered up some wooden stairs (117-- the boy counted) to the place where explorer William Clark carved his name, and then took the second set (111) from there up to catch the view from the top. It's beautiful-- and, with it being off-season, we were the only folks there at the time. A lovely little adventure, and some great mother-son time. there's


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