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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

House hunting is way too much like work

Tuesday: We spent the afternoon with Realtor A, seeing a whole pile of houses-- almost a dozen, I think. The good, the bad, and the ugly. And they were-- ranged from charming to abysmal (yes, I know I asked to see it, but the worst one didn't look that bad in the picture. In person, however, it would have needed some work to come up to White Trash standards). There is one that might work well for us, with some minor adjustments. Emailed bunches of pictures and descriptions home for Bruce to see, as well.

Wednesday: Spent the morning with Realtor B (aka Yenta). She lived up to her advance billing-- bustling, charming and knowledgable. She showed us two houses. One won't work-- too far out, and too much to do in the way of projects and maintenance. But the other is a nice, and might have some real potential It would require more modifications, though. There is no finished space that would work for an office, for example-- an utter necessity for a priest serving four little churches with no office space in any of them. Still, very much worth considering.

In the afternoon we drove over to another of the towns I'll serve, just to see it. We had lunch there at a place called Calamity Jane's (how could I resist?). Good sandwiches, and great homemade soup. Then we wandered a bit. It is a pretty little place, and I wouldn't mind living there. We aren't house hunting in that town, though, because it would be harder than the others, logistically. It's location is more awkward to get to the others, and it's the furthest from Billings (where folks always end up for hospital or hospice or nursing home).

Then we came back to the hotel and emailed another batch of pictures home to my husband, so he could be as confused as I am. I also drew up layouts of the two houses in question. They aren't drafting accurate, but they're close enough to get a feel of how everything goes together.

I also called Realtor A, and asked for an appt with the Builder Dude in a new neighborhood she showed us, to see exactly what we could get for our money if we did that. And I'm praying. Just once, don't you suppose God could make something at least a little obvious??


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