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Friday, May 11, 2007

RevGal Friday Five: "Po-TAY-to/Po-TAH-to"

There are two types of people in the world, morning people and night owls. Or Red Sox fans and Yankees fans. Or boxers and briefs. Or people who divide the world into two types of people and those who don't. Let your preferences be known here. And if you're feeling verbose, defend your choice.

  • 1. Mac? or PC?
No question. I've used both extensively, for many years-- and I will only own a Mac. Even if someone gave me a flashy new PC with all the bells and whistles I'd trade it in for A Real Computer. DOS-based machines are a creation of the antichrist. (Did you know that even Windows runs better on a Mac? True fact! Though why you'd willingly waste your time... )

  • 2. Pizza: Chicago or New York style?
Oh, here we go. Honestly, how can you even ask the question? Why in heaven's name would anyone forgo the wonder of Chicago's thick, luscious, hearty delectibility for a flaccid, soggy cracker? (Despite brother Tripp's otherwise often laudable character, in this he is seriously misguided and in need of reformation).

  • 3. Brownies/fudge containing nuts:
Adulterated brownies (and I use that word advisedly) are an abomination before the Lord. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. 'nough said.

  • 4. Do you hang your toilet paper so that the "tail" hangs flush with the wall, or over the top of the roll like normal people do?
"When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child; when I became an adult, I put an end to childish ways..."

The only reason we ever hung the paper flush to the wall was to prevent small children from slapping it into a festive pile on the bathroom floor. Now that our kids are old enough to cause trouble in other ways, we put it back over the top of the roll the way it belongs. I do not care if less paper is theoretically used the other way; I do not want to be fighting with trying to find the little tail in the middle of the night.

  • 5. Toothpaste: Do you squeeze the tube in the middle, or squeeze from the bottom and flatten as you go?
Squeeze from the bottom. I do not care for wrinkly, wasteful tubes that have been wantonly abused by unwarranted midrange mashing.

This was a bone of contention when my husband and I were newlyweds-- and an area in which we finally came to detante by each owning and maintaining our own tube. In recent years, however, he has apparently seen the error of his ways, because his is generally much tidier than it used to be. However, we still use two separate tubes. Why mess with success?


Blogger Tripp Hudgins said...


My laudable character may be an unwise assumption, but the casserole pizza-like thing is not pizza. That is my point. It even tastes good, but it ain't pizza. It's a casserole.


May 11, 2007 9:41 AM  

Blogger Hedwyg said...

Great play! And hey - tell us how you really feel. :-)

Happy Friday,

May 11, 2007 10:33 AM  

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like your answer to #1--well said!

May 11, 2007 10:43 AM  

Blogger Dawgdays said...

Yeah, I wouldn't waste my time running Windows on a Mac. :)

May 11, 2007 4:16 PM  

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