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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Dotting t's and crossing i's.

Today, I sat in front of the keyboard and dealt with some administrative stuff that I've been putting off. I finished my application for the CPE residency (training in hospital chaplaincy) that I'm hoping to do next year. This is not a simple thing: it involves many, many pages discussing my family history, spiritual formation, previous chaplaincy experience... lots of what my father calls "contemplating your navel." But it's done, and in the mail, and I hope to hear back about it soon.

Then I spent some significant time assembling my Church Deployment Office (CDO) profile. This is a service provided by the national church, with the intent of bringing together congregations who are looking for clergy, and clergy open to a call. It's sort of like an ecclesial dating service. The "significant time" was required because the data entry interface was apparently brought to us by those same delightful folks who designed the ECUSA website to be both attractive and oh, so very less-than-functional.

Now I'm off to pack, for a few days down in southern Indiana with my in-laws. A busy, fun time, and hopefully an effective distraction from The Exams that start in a week. Blogging may be sparse; we'll see how it goes.


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