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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Three, two, one...

There's the short story: three states, and two events, in one day. Today was my summer in microcosm. Great times, and great people, alternating with too darn much time in the car.

We started this morning by driving to Kalamazoo, MI for Heather's ordination. Started late, actually-- the alarm didn't go off, and we began the drive roughly 45 minutes later than we should have. By dint of a lead foot, and a guardian angel keeping the patrol cars to a minimum, we made up about half an hour of that, and arrived late for choir practice, but in plenty of time for the ordination.

It was a wonderful day, and a grand celebration, and then we were blessed by the Anglican Communion's newest priest, smiling through overwhelmed, joyful tears.

Honey, I've got to say it-- weepy, and red, and dripping... and you've never looked more beautiful. God be with you, this day and always.

Then we climbed in the car, and drove back through Indiana (dropping off the kids at my sister's), heading to the north side of Chicago for a shower in honor of Tripp and Trish's upcoming nuptuals. We won't be able to be at the wedding-- Bruce's sister is being married the same day-- so we didn't want to miss this. It was a lovely, casual afternoon, with good food, and fun conversation, and just enough silliness.

Now we're home, and I'm in my jammies, and headed to bed. I need to finish a sermon for tomorrow night, but I'll do that in the morning... I'm done now.

Oh, one more thing, before I collapse: please stop by Rev. Ref's place and wish him a happy 40th birthday. Hope it was grand, bro.


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