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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

If it's Tuesday, it must be White County

So, the radio thing went okay. I didn't trip over my own tongue too badly for the 10-15 minutes I was on the air, and the show host was a genial sort, easy to talk to. I also got to play with the station mascot, a stocky bulldog named Spike. And hopefully the folks who were up at 7:45 am and listening to local radio got a sense of St. Mary's, and Grace House, and the ministry we do there.

No Bible study today; the gentleman who normally hosts the group has been ill, and was not up for company. He's improving, but if you have a spare prayer for Bob this evening, I'm sure he would not take it amiss.

The next event on the Monticello calendar for us is an upcoming summer festival downtown. The local merchants are putting it on, and selling booth space on the street for a nominal charge-- $5.00 gets you a parking-space spot in front of the courthouse. St. Mary's has reserved such a slot, and now we need to decide what to do with it. The goal is to garner a bit more awareness in the community, both for the parish and for the mission. We were brainstorming ideas a bit today, but there's not a real rush. The festival is not for another month: August 7, my last weekend with the congregation.

If you've got suggestions... I can't promise that we'll use them, but I'm listening.


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