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Monday, July 05, 2004

A can of paint, a roll of tape, and thou...

This morning, I walked into the front hall, and looked around. Nothing out of the ordinary; it's a space that testifies to this being a home folks live in. The trim was chipped, the doors scuffed, the walls marked beyond any hope of cure by simple scrubbing.

Oh, it's been that way for a while; kids and critters live here, and that takes its toll over time. But it's one of those home maintenance tasks that we've put off, for lack of time, saying we'll fix it "one of these days."

Well, I decided that today was the day; I've looked at it long enough. So I trotted down to the local Do-It-Yourself Warehouse store, and picked up a handful of paint chips. I decided on the trim color (one of the multitudinous flavors of white available) and bought a gallon, along with a couple new brushes. Three hours, and a bit "volunteer" recruiting later (all four of us were weilding brushes, and even one of CJ's friends came over and pitched in!), we now have freshly painted woodwork and closet doors.

I'm still deciding about the wall color, but there's some significant patching to be done; so I've propped some color chips up here and there, the better to weigh my options while I spackle.

Boy howdy, that feels good.


Blogger Susie said...

I really don't understand how white can come in so many ways. But i like picking out paint chips! pretty colors and such. I want my house to be very colorful :)

July 07, 2004 2:27 PM  

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