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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Monday, February 23, 2004

Work and Play

This weekend, we played a little.

The Boy Scouts held a skating party Saturday night, to which all were invited, and those (including my youngest) who sold massive quantities of popcorn were admitted free. Family members were also free, if they weren't skating, and most parents spent their time propping up the side wall, watching the kids roll around. However, a few hardy souls braved the rink, including yours truly.

All right, stop snickering. I like to skate. Surprisingly, as much as a klutz as I can be, this is one thing I seem to be able to manage all right. Admittedly, I was in my own skates, which are quite old-fashioned, in this day and age of high-tech roller blades; but I had a ball bobbing and weaving among the pint-sized throng nonetheless. Need to do that more often.

Last evening, Bruce and I went up to see Trish's current show. I am not an enormous fan of Greek tragedy, but this was well done, and a good way to spend a couple hours; and Trish gave a fine performance, as always. Jennifer and her husband Ted were also in attendance, so I got to put a face to another soul I'd only encountered in virtual reality. Nice folks; it was good to meet them. After the show, Tripp led us all around the corner to a little restaurant-- one with a tasty, predominantly vegetarian menu (there were a few fish things), desserts to die for, and a discount for showgoers. Good food, good company, good prices. What's not to like?

After those festivities, it's back into the books for me today. Next on the agenda: Phase III of my Ethics project, and research for a presentation for my preaching class on some one historical preacher of note. I have a few ideas, but I'm also taking recommendations. Any ideas?


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