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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Last minute details

Before I head off for Plunge...

1. I cannot believe I have waded through the "To Do Before I Leave" list, but it's pretty much covered. Convocation Eucharist planned and ready to worship tonight, including ordo (our fancy Seabury word for the order of service) printed and ready. Three weeks worth of daily worship ordos, turned in for copying and distribution. Systematics paper (see below) adequately written, if not brilliant. Plunge group travels coordinated. Dorm room left clean enough that Hope (my beloved new roommate) will not spend the next two weeks cursing me.

2. We registered on Monday for winter quarter, and I'm a happy girl. My advisor signed off on something of an altered schedule-- postponing the regularly scheduled Christian Life and Thought III (last course in the Church History sequence) so that I could take both Greek and Practice of Preaching. Because of the way some courses are only offered in alternate years, it was the only way I could get the full 3-quarter preaching sequence at Seabury, and also take the biblical languages.

So here's what my schedule looks like: AKMA's New Testament II; Ethics II with Trevor; Greek I; and Practice in Preaching. Check this out: Tripp, Micah, Susie and I will be in the same preaching class. This is going to be awesome-- and we should start praying for our instructor now.

3. Speaking of Susie, she got her hair cut this week-- and I do mean cut. About a foot of brown protein won't be making the trip to Hawaii. It's now chin length, and cheerful and bouncy-- just like the woman wearing it. Very nice.

4. Finally, I have a new name on my blogroll. You folks who have been resident longer in the blogiverse may well be accustomed to meeting new people through your blogs; I still find it a sparkly adventure. So, when Don showed up in my comments this week, I was tickled at the opportunity to meet a new friend. And then tickled turned to astounded when, a few days later, he added me to his blogroll-- the first time that's happened with someone who hadn't already learned to put up with me in person, or at least been introduced by someone who had. I'd question his taste, except he already has AKMA near the top of his Anglican list. So, take a minute to check out this fellow Hoosier, avid gardener, and new blog buddy.

So this afternoon, I'm headed home. We're carving pumpkins tonight, and I can't miss that. Then packing, and tomorrow I'll be winging my way South. Don't know how much access I'll have to this blog; but if I have it, you'll get it. In the meantime, please keep in your prayers all of us Plungers-- and the families who'll be staying home while we wander.


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