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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Stay-in-car Mom

Bonhoeffer has been driving around a lot with me lately. Doctor's appointments, soccer practices... you get the idea. I've been spending a lot of time waiting. Fortunately, ol' Dietrich's Ethics are good company-- as well as a great way to get my brain back into that sort of reading mode. Oh, I've been reading this summer, but most of it has been with Kyle: Charlotte's Web and Junie B. Jones have been high on the hit parade. You know, one of the things that I've loved about being a parent is the variety of children's literature to which I've been exposed. Some of it is quite profound; check out Junie's collected works sometime. But seminary reading fires a whole different set of synapses in my brain, and they need some back-to-school conditioning.

Speaking of Back-to-School, I went over to the Open House at the high school last night. It was fun to walk through CJ's schedule, and meet all her teachers (except the vocational graphics teacher, who was off coaching a soccer game). It was easier than I expected, as her classes are not nearly so spread out as they were last year. I also like just walking through the halls. The school is an enormous place, so there's lots to see-- announcements of club activities and events (Homecoming is in just a few weeks), and some terrific artwork. Student originals, as well as some copies of Old Masters that have been painted as murals.

Ok, time to get back in the car. Shopping for presents this morning, which is fun, and then off to the hardware store.


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