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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Sunday, August 31, 2003

Bringing order out of chaos

Yesterday, we did yardwork. Lots of it. A summer of 50 and 60 hour work weeks was evident on the outside of our home, as well as the inside. Bruce trimmed trees, finishing the cleanup necessary after that whiz bang storm a few weeks ago. I pulled weeds, dug up and cut back, and trimmed out overgrown this and that. And the kids collected the fruits of our labors and hauled them out back to the burn pit. The yard still needs work, but at least now it looks more like someone actually lives here.

We had planned to continue the process today. Bruce and Carolyn were to mow and edge the yard, while Kyle and I trimmed the hedges. This is a job I like-- wielding the hedge trimmer is a kick and a half (Yes, I love playing with power tools; I'd call it getting in touch with my masculine side, except I learned from my mom). Unfortunately, the rain started falling on the way to church, and hasn't stopped; so today I am reduced to watching the drizzle outside my window, and recovering from yesterday's efforts. No, my back is not the happiest it's been all summer, but it was worth it.

The good news-- the silver lining in this cloudy weather-- is that it left me with time to read Tripp's sermon. Do yourself a favor; go and do likewise. My brother has some good insights to share.


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