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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

Yes, a prodigal blogger returns. This has been a busy few days. A quick summary:

Last Friday afternoon, we in the Junior class had a short retreat, to work on communication and community. We met at St. Matthew's, and the retreat was led by Markus D├╝nzkofer, the assistant rector there. It was good; I continue to be impressed by and grateful for the folks with whom I'm learning here. (And Ed, if you're reading this-- your onetime curacy parish is in good hands).

Over the weekend I finished up a plethora of pre-Easter sewing, inlcuding alterations on a beautiful chausible for one of my professors. Paula's celebrating the 10th anniversary of her ordination on Easter Monday, and she'll be able to use it for Eucharist that day. Say a prayer of thanksgiving for her; she's a real gift around here.

I also got caught up with a massive amount of seminary reading. As much of this stuff is not an easy read (primary source material in church history, postmodern vocabluary in ethics), it's been slow going. I'm not sure my head's above water yet, but I think I can see the surface from down here. This afternoon I give a short presentation on the 4th Lateran Council; really interesting stuff, when you get into the background of it.

Yesterday I took newly permitted Si cruisin' through Evanston parking lots, just for grins and giggles. He does well for a rookie driver, very cautious, and has good reflexes, even when goofy old ladies in shopping carts leap out in front of him (Don't worry, AKMA; we left her standing, though she didn't deserve it).

Other than that, I've been caught up in the Seabury scramble of Holy Week. I've not been really responsible for anything, only helping out around the edges here and there. (I'm one of the cantors for Tenebrae, and I've done a little ordo assist work, formatting and such. Oh, yes, and I'm also a last minute sacristan for Maundy Thursday, and the Easter Vigil). Still, the frenetic pace of worship prep and practice, on top of other student body activities, on top of coursework, on top of family stuff, means prayerful contemplation gets short shrift, I'm afraid. Lots of prayer on the run. Hmmm... need to fix that.

Lord Jesus, help me fix that.


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