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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Friday, April 28, 2006


You know, yesterday at lunch time I thought I had my mind made up. I really did. After weighing the options, and considering the two really viable houses that we had seen, we had more or less come to a conclusion.

Then we met the Builder Dude-- or rather, Mrs. Dude, who works as his assistant and business partner (Dude is away on a fishing trip with his son). She showed me this sweet little plan for a house I hadn't seen built in that neighborhood when we'd looked there. It would have most of what we need, and arranged in a way that is really attractive...

And now we have another choice. Oy.

So I gave Mrs. Dude a list of things to check for me-- things I'd like to tweak on the plan-- so we could have an accurate idea of features and price. I should have that info later this morning. And I sent home copies of the plans so hubby could see them.

This afternoon, my soon-to-be assistant is going to walk though one particular house with me-- the one we saw Wednesday, that seems to only need a few adjustments. He's a priest, yes; but he's also been in the construction business for many years, and so he'll have an eye for the Things To Be Repaired that I might miss.

Still praying for some lightning bolt insight... We know you want us here, Lord; but I'd appreciate a little more specificity as to exactly where here, please! Amen.


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