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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Sunday, August 03, 2003

General Convention

Events are proceding without me in Minneapolis. This has been a mild aggravation-- I've never been to General Convention, and I'd love to go. This year, I could stay cheap, too-- my brother and his family live just north of town, and so there's free room and board available. However, I am being the good chaplain intern (CPE doesn't end for three more weeks), so I'm limited to gazing from afar.

Fortunately, that's as easy as it's ever been, thanks to the Internet and my blogging buddies:

Alex is still there, with the Young Adult Service Corps.

Heather is also headed that way.

Micah is hanging out with a youth delegation from the Diocese of Chicago.

Daily reports are also being provided here, courtesy of Brian Grantz, rector of St. Anne's, Warsaw, IN, chair of the Northern Indiana delegation, and all-around cool guy.

And I'm now getting daily emails from another delegate; Arlyne's also a member of my parish.

So I'm being kept well informed.

But I'm still jealous.


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