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Hoosier Musings on the Road to Emmaus

Friday, June 06, 2003


Too much, today-- I couldn't take it all in; as much as I dearly wanted to, I only grasped bits and pieces...

Up before the alarm, to finish packing up my Seabury year. Get dishes out of the Lounge kitchen and cassock and surplice from the sacristy. Terry and I swapped surplices today, so she could process in angel's wings-- entirely appropriate, to my way of thinking.

Drive with Moki over to help set up breakfast: muffins and coffee cake, fresh fruit and juice, water, tea and coffee. Ye gods, the amount of coffee that seminarians go through. Sweet Professor Julie is an early arrival, eager and excited and nervous all at once. Trevor's early morning "grumpy" teasing gives way to gentle affection. An AKMA moment that leaves me humbled, before he goes off to be proud husband as well as beloved teacher and advisor. Paula's gentle smile, and Frank's caring intentionality.

Taking pictures-- forgot my camera, doggone it. Professors resplendent in academic finery; graduates in black and white, glowing in glorious technicolor joy.

Procession beginning smack dab on time. Walking down the aisle (please don't let me trip; dropping the Holy Spirit would be bad!) through a sea of unfamiliar faces-- until I spot Si's engaging grin on the aisle.

The sermon-- sadness, and joy, and caring for one another in the in between spaces. She finishes with a Cherokee hymn, which turns out to be "Amazing Grace;" a gradual background harmony rises from the congregation, and settles in my heart, and I dissolve.

And, finally, graduating. All these incredible people, walking back and forth, shaking hands and donning hoods. Lord, you now have set your servants free...

Process out, Lifting High the Cross. Bone-creaking hugs, laughter and silliness out on the lawn with the newest Seabury alumni.

Lunch with Mark, his parents, their rector and his wife-- and the latter generously pick up my tab. Mark comes from good family, both home and parish-- and Lord, I'm going to miss that man.

Back to school, and into civilian clothes, before wedging the last of my seminary world into the car. Home again, to my family-- long hugs, and massive unpacking of my overstuffed vehicle.

The year is over, and what a trip it's been-- with lots of love at both ends of my road, now.


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